BSSW – Welcome

Bristol South Skyline Walk (BSSW) is a route which was developed as part of the Bristol Green Capital 2015 celebrations.

It takes you on an exciting journey of discovery across parts of South Bristol using pavements and footpaths to lead you to places which allows you to see Bristol from a less well known perspective.

The video above gives you a great introduction to what the route is about.

A route for all season
The route has things to offer all year round whether it is:
– Blossom in spring
– Summer flowers and wildlife – and you can watch the annual Balloon Festival in August from Perretts Park, the Northern Slopes and parts of Victoria Park
– Autumn Colours
– Clear views on a cold crisp winter’s day

It is open to people to use.

There are two routes:
– the longer full route (red on the booklet and map below) which is about 6 miles long and will take about 4 hours it has a number of steep, unpaved and stepped sections which may be unsuitable for some people; and
– the shorter (brown on the booklet and map below) route which is about 2 miles and will take about an hour and half. This route is better suited to those who prefer a route with paved surfaces and easier crossing points.

The routes can be used by walkers and runners.

They are designed so that if you wish you can break off from walking the route and return to Temple Meads/Central Bristol by bus.

There are two types of information downloadable from this website, plus a mobile phone app.

A booklet which gives the routes, information about what to see on the way around, and internet links to community, historical and wildlife information. This is available as a printed booklet from BSSW c/o 67 Beckington Road, Knowle, Bristol BS3 5ED

A two sides of A4 leaflet – which gives a map and directions only. Not available from the address above.

N.B Please check the recent posts at the top right of this page to check for temporary detours.

The full BSSW booklet

The Full Skyline Booklet can be downloaded from here

Full Skyline Booklet 1.5MB (1448k)

The BSSW route directions leaflet

Here is the Skyline walk map and route directions for those who do not want the full booklet.
The map and route directions are included in the booklet, so there is no need to download this if you have the booklet.

Skyline Walk Route Map and Directions Only (310k)

Follow the Big Toe

Roundels have been added to street furniture to help people around the Long Route.
Look out for the distinctive markers.
The arrow which points along the big toe is the direction you need to follow.
Roundels for the short route have a brown outside ring. There are parts of the routes where it has not been possible to put roundels up so please use the booklet, route map and app to find your way round.

Roundel For the Long Route (813k)l

We would love to hear from you about what you think of the route, the booklet etc.

Please let us know what you think on:;

With thanks to

The 12 groups involved – TRESA, Arnos Vale Cemetery Trust, Arnos Park Action Group, Friends of Redcatch Park, Community of Perretts Park, Communities in Partnership, Northern Slopes Initiative, Marksbury Area Community Association, St Johns Churchyard and Windmill Hill Community Orchard Group, Kingfisher Group, Windmill Hill Community Association and Victoria Park Action Group.

Bristol City Council Highways and Parks; and Filwood Health Park.

For Funding:
Bristol Green Capital 2015
The Filwood, Knowle and Windmill Hill Neighbourhood Partnership

Martin Bodger (Graphic Design booklet), Tom Richards (Photography booklet), Chris Bloor, Neil Burlton, Ben Barker, Bristol Parks Forum, Bristol Ramblers, Destination Bristol, Pete the Broadwalk Newsagent, Sydenham Road Under Fives, Bristol Physical Access Chain; Mike Kent-Ledger (Logo and Sweep).