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These are the current diversions to the published route:


Sparke Evans Bridge Closure

Sparke Evans Bridge is currently closed so there are two options for alternative navigation.

Option 1 – Cross the river at Totterdown Bridge and follow the A4 Bath Road to Arnos Vale Cemetery. This misses out Sparke Evans Park.

Option 2 – Contine through Spark Evans Park, under the St Philips Causeway, to exit the path near Marks and Spencers. Cross the river using the main road and continue past the garage to join the A4 Bath road. Turn right to rind Arnos Vale Cemetery

Steps Exiting to Wedmore Vale

The wooden steps exiting to Wedmore Vale from St Barnabus church are not in a good state. It is possible to exit this way, but it is very difficult under foot, particulary in the wet. The risk of falls, slips or trips is high. The diverstion exits the Bommie straight on from the top entrance rather than bearing left. This takes a path through the woods to exit onto Wedmore Vale lower down. This diversion will miss the St Barnabus lookout.

Coronavirus Detour – Arnos Vale Cemetery Closed.

Due to the Coronavirus restrictions Arnos Vale cemetary have closed their gates. For anyone enjoying the Skyline Walk as part of their daily allotted exercise, detour around Arnos Court Hotel to enter Aornos Court Park, rather than using the cemetery.

To do this, safely cross the A4 after using Sparke Evans Bridge, then turn left along the A4 past the TV studios. This brings you round the corner past the hotel where you can enter Arnos Court Park from the bottom, rather than entering from the top via the cemetery.

This will probably shave a few minutes from the predicted duration of the walk.

Bristol Walk Fest 2019

For the Bristol Walkfest in 2019 which runs all May we have two events using the Walk.

On Saturday 11th May at 2pm starting from Bristol Temple Meads; but this time we are doing it in reverse.
Not by walking backwards around the route but instead of starting with the Cut/Arnos Vale Cemetery going through Victoria Park first and finishing at Arnos Vale Cemetery etc. The short and long routes are both on offer.
For further details and how to book a place go to –
There is also a walk along the long route a day later (the 12th) starting at 10.30am from Temple Meads.
This is Long Route only.
For further details and how to book a place go to –

Temporary Route changes – Frequently asked questions – Updates 

Temporary Route changes – Frequently asked questions – Updates 

This section we hope people will find helpful as it gives you information which will help you enjoy the route:

Temporary Route changes:
1) Q – With building works around the start of the walk at Temple Meads, Cattle Market Road and the Avon Walkway for the Bristol Arena and related developments will the route change?
A – the route may change as the work progresses. Please follow the directions put up to show diversions, but bear in mind that the diversion may be different if you visit more than once. Once the works have been finished we will be reinstalling roundels to help people find their way around.

2) Q – Will the Filwood Quietway works on the Northern Slopes and in Victoria Park affect the routes?
Long Route – The Filwood Quietway works in these two areas will be taking place between March 2018 and February/March 2019.

A – The routes are now fully open.

On the Northern Slopes the route is crossed/shared with a cycle track so be aware of cyclists.
Work around the entrance to Victoria Park at Hill Avenue is taking place between March and May 2019 which may affect the Short Route. If the entrance is closed, walk up Nutgrove Avenue in parallel with the route.

Frequently Asked Questions and updates to booklet.

1) Q – Who designed the birds next to the River on the first part of the walk?
A – Laura Williams

2) Q – You mention foraging opportunities as part of the walk – what kind of things can I forage for?
Firstly, please do not pick and eat anything do you not recognise. Also please do not pick everything from individual locations – please leave food for others and for wildlife. The more informal green spaces – the Slopes for instance; plus less managed parts of the formal Parks can be good for blackberries, sloe berries, elderflower and horseradish as examples. Perretts Park has a number of raised boxes which grow vegetables, salads and fruit. The availability of the food is of course seasonal.

3) Update – Redcatch Park
New Murals have been added to the Pavillion (see picture) along with a carved redwood bench in the shape of a fox. An information board paid for by the Walk is near the Car Park. A new community garden is open which has produce on sale and a coffee wagon “Roots” – details from

4) Update – Malago Greenway – Brixham Road open space.
The Berry Maze is a community project which is a unique maze made out of berry plants – 240 of them. The plants still have to grow, but the maze structure is there along with a lovely mosaic donated by a local school; and a huge 8x4m reproduction of the initial map of the maze drawn by 9 years old Harry Ward.

Bristol Walk Fest 2018

We are pleased to see the BSSW and The Northern Slopes being used as part of the Bristol Walk Fest – the walks are free.

Saturday 5th May – 11am – The Bristol South Skyline Walk – 7miles
Further details:

Saturday 12th May – 2pm – The Bristol South Skyline Walk – 7 miles or 2 miles options.
Further details:

Monday 14th May – 9.45am – from the Park, Daventry Road
Discover the Slopes
Further details:




Knowle Library in cooperation with Bristol South Skyline Walk
are planning a walk on Saturday 6th May 2017 starting at 11.30 a.m.
from Knowle Library Broad Walk Shopping Centre.

Meet at 11 a.m. to look at old prints and photographs of the area.

Walks will be Short, Medium or Long depending on the walker.

For further information contact us at or Knowle Library.